Mission Trip Texel

Fri. 7 – Fri. 14 August 2020 (week 33)
  • Accomodation and meals

    Price: € 445
  • Tranfer by Ferry

    Additional Price

Trip details

  • Friday 7 to Friday 14 August 2020 (week 33).
    Trip for max. 10 (min. 6) participants

The Duth coastal city is a populair destination for partying for thousands of dutch but also German youth. Beach Mission has contact with local pastors on the island.

The price is including accomodation, food, evangelistic brochures, insurance, booking fees and exclusive bed linnen.


As a group we want to travel together as much as possible and thus come with the same flight and the same transfer.
The most economical way to fly is if everyone books the flight themselves. Please consult the tour guide, which option and / or flight is best to choose.
Book the flight as soon as the trip is marked as “guaranteed”. A guaranteed departure indicates that the minimum number of participants for the trip has been reached.
A transfer is the transport by bus from the plane to the accommodation. We can arrange the transfer for you.
If you are arriving on a different way, please make sure you are at Schiphol Airport on the first day of the trip at 2.00 PM (or at 5 pm in the accommodation) and on last day of the trip up to 10 o’clock in the accommodation so you can help to clean up and pack your bag.

Corona crisis

Just like other summers, Beach Mission wants to reach out to young people while they are on party holidays this summer as well, despite the Corona virus. Especially these days, young people are full of questions and everybody realizes life is not under control.

For the time being, we will offer evangelistic trips to the popular beach areas in Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, and at Texel. Those are the places God called us to.

At the same time we watch for the advisory of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the coming weeks we expect their decision on the travel advisory for the summer holiday. Should the advisory continue to be “essential travel only”, young people will not go abroad for party holidays and then we also do not need to go there. We will then divert to another destination, probably in the Netherlands. For (a) destination(s) in the Netherlands, it is important that the accommodation allows people from several households to stay there.

This time period requires adaptations from us, and from you as well.

  • The contents of the trip will most likely be different. Because discotheques and party centers most likely will be closed, we will check locally where we can meet the young people.
  • Should the costs of the trip end up being lower, you will get the surplus reimbursed. Should the trip become more expensive, we will discuss how we can solve this.
  • It is required that all participants have travel insurance and cancellation insurance. This can be done when booking.
  • If (just) before the trip you have symptoms that may point to Corona, we have no choice but to cancel your participation. Should you get these symptoms while there, or if you become ill, you will also have to stop your participation. At that point we cannot reimburse your trip expenses.
  • The trips to Texel, Bulgaria, and Portugal will be the first to be marked guaranteed. The trips to Spain will become available as soon as there are enough participants for the other destinations.
  • We are having to book our accommodations last minute. It may be that these will not be the best locations.
  • Locally we will adhere to government regulations about the virus.

We hope this information is clear enough for you, but feel free to contact us for further questions.

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