For one or more mission trips, we are looking for a man/woman/couple who/who would like to volunteer to lead an 8 day Beach Mission mission trip.

Beach Mission is a foundation that organizes evangelistic trips to popular beach vacation destinations in Europe. The max 10 or max 20 participants come from different church backgrounds and have a passion to evangelize among the young people who spend their vacations there.

For more information about the foundation or the trips, visit

In cooperation with the group leaders, as a trip leader you are the leader of the mission trip:

  • You tell participants daily how the day will go.
  • You will manage the task leaders (catering, BBQ Chillout, prayer letter, worship, Bible study, aftercare, group leaders).
  • You evaluate (bi)daily with the group leaders the progress and make adjustments if necessary.
  • You keep back with management about difficult situations.
  • In an extreme case, you decide to send people home.

Prior to the trip, you will meet the participants. For existing participants it involves a phone interview, for new participants we ask you to provide the intake interview. Also, based on this, you will choose team leaders and create a team composition and division of labor for during the trip. We would like to challenge you to find participants yourself as much as possible from your network.

You will work with the participants during the team day to arrange the teams, bedrooms and tasks to be performed at the accommodation during the trip. (Think cooking, cleaning, Bible study, prayer letter writing, etc.) You will also discuss with the participant what is expected of him or her before and during the trip.

This requires you to:

  • be able to operate both independently and as part of a team,
  • be able to be led by the Holy Spirit,
  • be able deal with spiritual struggles,
  • be able to reflect on your behavior,
  • get along well with people,
  • Be able to enthuse, but sometimes confront and correct
  • and have participated in a trip once before.

You, in part, “make” the participants’ journey.

This is what we offer you:

  • An opportunity to grow in leadership,
  • 24-7 telephone support during the journey for prayer, counsel, advice,
  • A travel leadership training of 3 evenings in preparation,
  • practical support from the office team,
  • If finances are a barrier to your participation, we would like to work together to find a solution.

If this appeals to you, if you want more information, or if you have questions, please contact Dirk-Jan Boerman by phone (+3162345 4786) or send a message by email ( or WhatsApp.