Date: November 15, 2019
Filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam

1. Identity

Name: Stichting Beach Mission (hereinafter referred to Beach Mission) – also operating under the names of Beach Mission Foundation, Fundación Beach Mission, Stiftung Beach Mission, Beach Mission Fondation, Fundação Beach Mission, Fondazione Beach Mission, Фондация Beach Mission, Ίδρυμα Beach Mission, Zaklade Beach Mission en Beach Mission Vakfi.
Business address: Begoniaveld 18, 2914 PB Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Netherlands.
Telephone number: +31623454786
Chamber of Commerce number: 63355078

2. Reservation, introductory interview, and payment for private participants

For private participants, Beach Mission has a registration procedure which for the first participation consists of: 1) intake and 2) booking the trip. Upon repeated participation, the procedure consists only of booking. The intake consists of: a) filling in the registration form, b) the introductory interview, and c) the feedback on this interview. Booking consists of: A) paying the deposit, B) filling in the booking form, C) a discussion with the trip coordinator, D) making the final payment. The discussion with the trip coordinator (C) will only take place if Beach Mission sees a need for that.

Payment, terms, and confirmations during the procedure:

a. Upon receipt of the registration form, the participant will receive a confirmation for the date of the introductory interview.
b. After feedback by telephone of the interview, the invoice for the deposit will be sent (pertaining to 50% of the total travel sum including potential discounts) and the final invoice (pertaining to the remaining sum including potential discounts). The term for paying the deposit invoice is 8 days unless otherwise agreed upon by the management / the board of Beach Mission and the participant. Payment term for the final invoice is 8 weeks before departure, or when this term has expired, within 8 days. Beach Mission remains the right to charge € 50 for reminder charges when payment is not made in time.
c. The reservation is final after Beach Mission has confirmed receiving the deposit payment of 50% of the travel sum including potential discounts.
d. Within 8 days after the confirmation of receiving the deposit payment has been sent, the participant is to fill in the booking form.
e. In case the final payment /or the booking form has not been received one week before departure, Beach Mission is entitled to annul the booking and follow cancellation procedures according to article 8.

3. Reservation, introductory interview, and payment for organizations as a customer

Beach Mission can also organize a mission trip for a church or organization (the ‘customer’). For these organizations a registration procedure applies, which during the first cooperation consists of the steps 1) orientation and 2) booking the trip. Upon repeated cooperation the procedure only consists of the step to book the trip. The orientation consists of the following parts: A) introductory interview and B) confirming in writing how the cooperation will take place. The booking consists of: A) paying the deposit and B) making the final payment.

a. The customer has the final responsibility for the intake of its participants.
b. Upon receipt of the deposit the customer will receive confirmation that we will rent the accommodation.
c. Twelve weeks before departure the customer will receive the invoice for the remaining payment. The term for this payment is 8 weeks before departure, or if this term has expired, within 8 days.
d. Possible additional charges will be included in the final invoice.
e. In case one week before departure the payment has not been received, Beach Mission is entitled to annul the booking and use the cancellation procedures according to article 8.

4. Discounts

For participants with a limited budget, Beach Mission made an arrangement to be able to participate in a mission trip with a discount.

a. In order to qualify for a discount, the participants has to inform the management /board of directors of this himself. b. Discounts only are given when the participants makes use of the cheapest mode of transportation. In consultation with the management / board of directors, this can be deviated upon for medical reasons. c. No profit is made on the mission trips. Therefore, discounts can only be given if donations have been received to account for the expenses of the discounts given. d. A discount is only granted for half of the part that the participant cannot pay for himself. For the other half of the part the participant cannot pay for, the participants has to find donors from his/her own personal support group. e. The reservation is only definite after the deposit payment of 50% for the travel, including discounts, has been made. This means that when a participant is still recruiting donors in order to pay this deposit, it may be possible another participant is given priority when he/she pays the deposit earlier. f. Upon limited availability of discounts to be assigned, the management / board of directors may give priority to participants who have accepted a specific task or responsibility in the preparations for, during, or after the mission trip. g. In individual cases, no correspondence will be made about granting the discount. The management / board of directors will be accountable about granting the discounts to the supervisory board.

5. Duration of trip

The trip duration is given in full days, with the arrival and departure days counting as full trip days.

6. Legal travel documents

Each participant/person making reservations needs to be in possession of a legal travel document, either an ID-card or a passport. All costs resulting from not having a legal travel document will be charged to the participant.

7. Travel information

At least 7 days before departure, you will receive from us all travel documents, consisting of an accommodation voucher, route description and travel information. The travel information consists, among other things, of a list with participants, a daily planning, and a job- and team assignment.

8. Cancellation and re-booking by participant

Cancelling an agreement can only be done in writing (per post or via e-mail), whereby the date of the postage stamp counts as cancellation date. Upon cancellation of the agreement, Beach Mission will charge the following cancellation costs:

a. When cancelling up to 42 days before departure day: 25% of travel sum;
b. When cancelling between the 42nd (including) and the 28th day before departure day: 35% of the travel sum;
c. When cancelling between the 28th (including) and the 21st day before departure day: 40% of the travel sum;
d. When cancelling between the 21st (including) and the 14th day before departure day: 50% of the travel sum;
e. When cancelling between the 14th (including) and the day before departure day: 90% of the travel sum;
f. When cancelling the day of departure or later: the full travel sum excluding possible discounts.
g. The payment term for cancellation fees is 28 days.

9. Realization of trip

Beach Mission requires a minimum of 6 participants per trip. We reserve the right to cancel the trip when there are insufficient participants. We will inform you of this at least 14 days before the start of the trip. Funds paid already will be paid back in full by us. Beach Mission is not liable for costs incurred by participants outside of Beach Mission, such as airline tickets or other transportation.

10. Travel Guarantee

Participants who (fully or partly) arrange their own transportation are advised to book their flight or other transportation only after a trip has been designated a “guaranteed trip”.
This guarantee is issued when a trip has reached the minimum number of participants. At that time, Beach Mission also books the accommodation for the stay.
Unless there are so many cancellations afterwards that the trip reaches below the minimum number of participants, it is certain the trip will take place. Nevertheless, Beach Mission is not liable for costs incurred by participants outside of Beach Mission, such as airline tickets or other transportation.

11. Substitutions

In case a participant is not able to participate in a trip, he/she can sign up somebody else willing to go in his/her place. However, we specifically state this can only be done under the following conditions:

a. the substitute meets all conditions stated in the travel agreement.
b. the request is submitted no later than 8 weeks in advance, in such time that all required conditions, such as the personal interview and all formalities can be done.
c. the service people involved in the actual trip do not oppose this substitution. The one signing up, the traveler and the one replacing him, are personally liable towards the tour organizer for payment of the remaining travel sum and potential additional costs incurred due to the substitution.

12. Changes by Beach Mission

Beach Mission reserves the right to change the agreement in any essential point should valid circumstances for that occur. Upon changing one or more essential parts, the participant has the right to cancel the trip. In case of non-essential parts, this is not allowed if it is not to the disadvantage of the participant. The travel sum published is based on prices and taxes known during the time of publishing the trip details. Beach Mission reserves the right, exclusively in case of increased fuel costs of for instance bus and airplane companies, to charge these increases to the participant.

13. Changes by participant

It may happen that you want to change your booking. You can do this by telephone at +31623454786 or per mail at There usually are charges for changing your booking. The standard amount for a small change is 25 Euro per time + the extra costs, if applicable. Should you want to book an extra package, Beach Mission will not charge anything extra for this change. Should you want to cancel part of your booking, cancellation conditions apply. Sometimes you can claim the expenses of a part-cancellation from your cancellation insurance, if you took this out.

14. Liability of Beach Mission

Beach Mission is liable towards the participant for expectations created for this trip and for its correct implementation, regardless whether these obligations were made by Beach Mission itself or by any service providers they hired. All this subject to stipulations made in the articles 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15.

15. Exclusion of liability of Beach Mission

a. Beach Mission is not liable for damage as a result of not following the travel agreement if and to the extent the shortcomings are on account of the participant.

b. Beach Mission does not accept responsibility for damage that can be claimed from a travel and/or annulment insurance. This damage is to be claimed at the insurance company.

16.Obligations of the Participant

a. The participant will check beforehand whether his/her and our vision on evangelism and dealing with each other, are in agreement. Also:
I agree with the mission statement of Beach Mission.
I can identify with the values of Beach Mission.
I can be recognized during the evangelistic outreaches by wearing the Beach Mission clothes.

b. The participant is obligated to obey all instructions of Beach Mission as to promoting a good course of the trip and therefore is liable for any damage caused by unauthorized behavior, to be judged by the norms for correct behavior of participants.

Unauthorized behavior can be understood as (but is not limited to):
1. Disrespect towards and undermining of authority of trip leader
2. Not following of instructions and agreements made
3. Interfering in tasks / responsibilities of other participants
4. Unconstructive behavior and attitude
5. Bypassing group or trip leader
6. Transgressive behavior towards trip leader or other participants
De trip leader judges whether improper conduct was the case.

17. Peculiarities and exclusion

b. Upon registering for the trip, it is necessary that Beach Mission will be informed by the participant of information that may be/is of importance for Beach Mission in order to complete the trip. Upon registering possible medical conditions, handicaps, or use of medication needs to be reported. Of course we will use discretion in dealing with this information. Not, incomplete or incorrect reporting of these data may result in excluding (further) participation of the trip. Beach Mission reserves the right to exclude the participant for (the remainder of) the trip in case of mental and/or physical handicap of a participant. Full or part restitution will not be made and all potential expenses resulting from this are charged to the participant

c. A participant who hinders or causes a burden or could cause this to such extent that a good continuation of a trip will be very difficult because of it, may be excluded by Beach Mission of (further continuation of) the trip. All potential expenses resulting from this are charged to the participant, if and to the extent the results of the hinder or burden can be attributed to him/her.

Burden and hinder can be understood as (but is not limited to):
1. Disrespect towards and undermining of authority of trip leader
2. Not following of instructions and agreements made
3. Interfering in tasks / responsibilities of other participants
4. Unconstructive behavior and attitude
5. Bypassing group or trip coordinator
6. Transgressive behavior towards trip coordinator or other participants

18. Complaints

In case of dissatisfaction with the accommodation, tent, camping or transportation, this can be indicated verbally to the tour leader. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved (by him/her), a complaint should be sent by email to the trip leader with a cc to Quite often even at the time something can be done to solve your remarks/complaints.

Complaints that were not registered with the trip leader at the destination itself (and to our office), will not be dealt with afterwards.

19. Lost and found

Objects found are being kept for two months after the trip. In this period participants can come by to pick these up. If sent by mail, shipping charges are charged. After two months the objects that have not been picked up will be through, given away, or used for general purposes within Beach Mission.

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