Evangelism is everything for me. I find it tremendously beautiful to be in conversation with people, to hear their stories and to be in conversation about the purpose of life. I hope to inspire and/or support the young people we speak to in this quest. I also hope to inspire other Christians to be more proactive in connecting people with God.

I am married and have four young daughters. Still, that doesn’t stop me from traveling to Lloret de Mar, Sunny Beach or Salou in the summer. In preparation for these trips, we establish contact with local Christians in advance so that we can work with them to reach out to young people.

I have been with the Naar House Foundation for 12 years, as a volunteer, director and employee. At the music events (dance, hardstyle, hardcore, house) we had very nice conversations with the young people, but what gnawed at me was that they were often one-time contacts. Inside Naar House I was allowed to organize and lead evangelistic campaigns in Renesse to bring young people in contact with God during their vacations. We saw that very special things happened during these weeks because there was a building of relationships. The beautiful thing was that sometimes groups of young people came to us who before had little or no involvement with God and were afraid to talk about it with each other. They then started thinking and talking about it after a conversation.

I myself was raised religious and did go to church every week. Young people who, like me, sit neatly in church are no better than party animals in Lloret de Mar. Like me, you can be physically in church every week, but still not be there. Always being at McDonald’s doesn’t make you a hamburger either. I have discovered that when you bring your life into connection with God, allow yourself to be inspired and led by God that it is so liberating. Wanting to get out of your life what’s in it is actually like fossil fuel. At some point, you discover that the supply is not infinite, that you are actually addicted to it, that you are ruining your environment with it and that it is not getting you where you want to go. So switch to Jesus, THE sustainable energy source for your life that never ends. Stop dwelling on all the investments in old energy you made in the past, because the energy God gives you will pay for itself in no time!

Within the foundation, I am responsible for general management. Specifically, I handle the organization of the trip, participant intake interviews, website, publicity, planning, purchasing, marketing and PR.

Learn more about me at www.dirk-janboerman.nl.

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