My name is Arthur Nahuis. I am married to Eva and together we have a beautiful son: Sefanja. We live in Nieuwerkerk ad IJssel and are members of Godcentre Gouda.

I was raised Christian. I experienced a special miracle at a young age that would change the rest of my life forever. When I was 6 years old, I entered elementary school and it soon became apparent that I could not write. I turned out to have dyslexia. When I entered grade 5 in elementary school, I had a teacher who thought it was just sloppiness. It became an increasingly big problem. One night when my mother tucked me in before bed, I asked her what my future would look like. After all, I couldn’t write. Could I even find a normal job? She asked me if believed if the Lord Jesus could cure me of my dyslexia? I believed that, because surely the Lord God could do anything! We prayed for it together and the next day I wrote everything right! Suddenly my future was open again! When I was 12, I attended summer camp of ‘In de Ruimte’. There I gave my life to Jesus. I wanted to follow Him for the rest of my life. At 16, I was baptized.

I like to share my faith with others. Especially also with this new generation that is increasingly growing up without parents or school to tell them of Jesus. They often seek their happiness in alcohol and drugs to forget their emptiness for a while. Despite their young age, they have often been through a lot. It remains special to engage with them and tell them that there is much more than the life they are living now. That Jesus loves them. That’s why I love being involved with Beach Mission where my responsibilities include recruiting sponsors.