Hi, I am Alix 34 years old and I am from Dordrecht. In addition to my passion and hobby as a video/podcast producer for TGTS (The Glory Today Show), I am an evangelist and can be found a lot on the streets at home and abroad. Furthermore, I have now been serving in our church in Rotterdam for 5 years. There I have the privilege of leading a connect group of 12 men from the Drechtsteden. I also engage in aftercare and pastoral work within the congregation, am part of the prayer team and am involved in Healing Rooms. Recently, I also got to help plant a new congregation in Dordrecht. I really enjoy doing that!
Last summer I joined Beach Mission on a trip to Ibiza for evangelism. What a wonderful time we experienced there! So many people made a choice for Jesus, with so many people we got to pray, and to so many young people we got to share the Father’s heart! It really makes me feel very grateful! I am so immensely grateful that God entrusts this work to us! It is an honor and a privilege that I have been asked to be a trip leader at Beach Mission this year. I look forward to traveling with you in 2024 to share God’s heart together with others who do not yet know Jesus personally! Join us, it’s bound to be a lot of fun!