“God showed and let me experience much more than I could have ever hoped for! Every night we were with a group in the nightlife area of Lloret. All the participants had a yellow polo shirt. We actually got into conversation easily. With one girl, for example, I said, “Hey hello are you having a good time here?” And then we chatted further about all she had done. After a while then came the question, “But what are you actually doing here in Llorret de Mar?” And then you often have a very nice conversation afterwards. I told them about Jesus, prayed for them and invited them to a buffet at our house. During my conversations with young people, I notice that I am not only a blessing to them, but also to myself.”

“It was special and challenging to participate and lead this first trip. All those surprised reactions from young people wondering why you come here to connect with them and share God’s message. And all the questions and stories that young people then come up with! But also sad to hear in the stories the emptiness that is behind the glitz and glamour. I am enormously proud and grateful for the team we were able to go out with. If you then get thanked by bouncers at nightclubs when you leave, that’s really nice!”


During an evangelization trip, we will connect with young people in the evening and nighttime entertainment areas. We help young people (for example, to get home), one-on-one conversations are held, we pray with and for the young people, and we invite them to a free ‘BBQ Chillout’. In the talks, we tell of God’s plan to restore the relationship between God and young people.

The BBQ Chillout begins with sports. During the BBQ Chillout, there will be live music and one of the participants will tell his or her ‘life story’.

At the end of the barbecue, we run through some questions to find out if a buddy in the area where the young person lives can contact them. The buddy helps the young person build a relationship with God.

What do we expect from participants?

Most importantly, you have a personal relationship with Jesus and are eager to carry out Jesus’ command to connect people with Him. What else we ask of you is:

  • Team player
  • Flexible attitude
  • Able to work in an (international) interdenominational team (reformatory to charismatic)
  • Not only spiritually, but want to contribute practically before and during the trip.
  • Be able to share your experience and provide guidance to less experienced participants.
  • You endorse our creed
  • You identify with the core values of Beach Mission
  • You take care of ‘seekers’.
  • You stand by the general conditions of travel

It is a great advantage if you speak French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and/or Russian.
It does not matter what church background and or direction you have.

Frequently asked questions

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Sometimes not, but often. We also do experience, that young people supernaturally sober up in no time. We find that God is also above this. The Holy Spirit is able to break through this. But most young people are easily approachable on the street anyway.

Not always: we try to build a relationship and get them in touch with a person who lives near the one we are talking to so they can discover together what it is to follow Jesus. But: the more people sign up, the longer we go!

The payment period for the down payment (50%) is 8 days, the final payment is 8 weeks before the trip starts or 8 days if the trip takes place within 8 weeks. If for you or your family the cost is an obstacle to participate in a mission trip please contact us by phone to discuss how you may still be able to join us.

That’s not a problem. In the entertainment area, we work 2 by 2. You then go with someone who is more experienced. Furthermore, we organize evenings for information/ training/ evangelism/ intercession and to get acquainted with other participants. One month before departure, there is a training day that is mandatory for all participants.

Participation is for ages 18 and up. If you are 17, you can only if your parents give permission. For 16 and under, we want an adult to accompany them. There is no maximum age limit. It adds value to the team if there are also older participants.

When canceling the trip, Beach Mission will charge a cancellation fee. See general travel conditions.

That is certainly possible. Consider catering, purchasing, communication to supporters, etc. You can also help in all the preparations.

There certainly is. On the site you can see the daily program. Every afternoon, there’s free time and 1 of the 8 days everyone is free. The actions are in the evening and at night. For this purpose, the evangelists are assigned 5 out of 8 evenings/nights. You can choose to evangelize 7 out of 8 days.

You can, but we do not offer a children’s program. You can ask another participant to watch the children for an evening, for example. For children sleeping on a camp bed, we charge a lower contribution to the trip.