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  • Teamday 16th of june 2018

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How about bringing young people into contact with Jesus?

Would you like to make contacts with young people while they are at the nightlife scene while on their beach vacation, offer them help and introduce them to Jesus? For the summer season of 2018, Beach Mission is looking for about 90 people who would like to participate in one of the teams with evangelists and practical workers. Through you God can make a life-changing difference in young people while they are on holiday!

If you have more practical skills, your input is very valuable. During the preparations beforehand, during the trip in the background and afterwards you can use your skills in catering, buying supplies, follow-up care, communication to the people supporting us, film, planning, etc.

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Wildcards and Discounts

Would you like to participe in these Mission Trips, but you lack the necessary means, you are eligible for a “Wildcard” or a discount.

Introductory Meeting

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“God showed us so much more and had us experience so much more than I had ever dared to hope! Each night we were in the nightlife district of Lloret with our group. All participants wore a yellow polo shirt. It was actually fairly easy to start a conversation. For instance, I asked one girl: ‘Hey, how do you like it here?’ And then we chatted about all the things she had done already. After a while she asked: ‘But what are you doing here in Lloret de Mar?’ And often you then have a great conversation. I told her about Jesus, prayed for her and invited her for a buffet at our house. During my talks with these young people, I experienced I was not only a blessing for them, but also for myself.”

LauraParticipant mission trip to Lloret de Mar in 2015

“It was special and challenging to participate and to lead this first trip. All those surprised reactions of young folks wondering why you come here to get in contact with them and to share the good news of God. And all those questions and stories that those people then come up with! Also sad to hear in those stories about the emptiness behind all the glitter and glamour. I am very proud and grateful for the team we could go out with. And when security people at the exit of discotheques thank you, that’s great!”

Dirk-Jan BoermanInitiator and team leader of mission trip to Lloret de Mar in 2015


The approach used during the evangelistic travel is that in the evening and at night in the entertainment area contact is made with the young people and that we help them (e.g. to come home). There is a one on one conversations and we share the Gospel with them. In the longer conversations the youth are invited to a free ‘BBQ Chillout’.The BBQ Chillout starts with sports. During the BBQ Chillout, there is live music, one of the participants shares his or her life- story and we invite a representative of a local church youth for a church service the next Sunday . At the end of the barbecue we take a survey to find out whether a church in the area where the young person lives can contact them.

What do we expect from participants?

The most important requirement is that you have a personal relationship with Jesus and that you would like to fulfill Jesus’ command to bring people into contact with Him. We also expect of you:

  • Team player
  • Flexible attitude
  • Ability to work in an (international) interdenominational team (from Reformed to Pentecostal)
  • Not just spiritual input, but also willingness to contribute practically before and during the trip.
  • Able to share your experiences and coach less experienced participants.
  • You adhere to our confession of faith
  • You identify with the core values of Beach Mission
  • You agree with the general travel conditions

Knowledge of Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Catalonian, Italian and/or Russian are an advantage. Church or denominational background is not important.

Frequently asked questions

When should I pay?

Term for the down payment (67%) is 30 days. If costs for you or your family are a limiting factor in participating in a mission trip, read more here about possibilities to still go.

I have no experience with street evangelism

That is no problem. In the entertainment area we work two by two, so you will have someone along who is more experienced. We also organize evenings for information / training / evangelism / intercession and to get acquainted with the other participants. A month before departure a team day, which is mandatory for all participants.

What is the minimum age to participate?

Participation is for people over 18 years old. When you are 17 you can go only if your parents give permission. Those 16 and younger, we want them to go with an adult who accompanies them. There is no maximum age. It has added value to the team when there are also older participants.

Can I cancel again later?

When cancelling the trip Beach Mission will charge cancellation fees. See general travel conditions.

Can I as a participant do something practical?

That is certainly possible. Think of the catering, buying supplies, communicating with people supporting us at home, etc. You can also help in the preparations.

Do participants have free time?

They certainly do. On this site you find the daily program. Every afternoon there is free time on the schedule, and one out of the eight days, everyone has a day off. The activities are in the evening and at night. Evangelists are sceduled in 5 out of 8 evenings / nights.

Can I come with my family?

You can, but we have no provisions for children. You can ask another participant to spend an evening with your children. For children who sleep on a camping bed we charge a lower contribution for the trip.