Mission trip Mallorca

  • Accommodation and meals

    Includes travel insurance and evangelism materials.


    Includes flight from the Netherlands or Belgium to Palma de Mallorca Airport and back.


    Includes transportation from Palma de Mallorca Airport to the accommodation and back.

Departure dates

  • Fri. 26 July - Fri. 2 August 2024

    Price: €880*
    Not yet available

  • Fri. 2 - Fri. 9 Aug. 2024

    Price: €880*


* For high flight prices, a price supplement of up to €100 may be charged afterwards.

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The Spanish island of Mallorca is the most popular destination for party vacations among many millions of British, Dutch, German, Belgian and French youths.
Beach Mission has contacts with churches, missionaries and pastors here and in the surrounding area.

Trip leader

  • June 15, 2024 Team Day

    Keep this date free in your agenda all day long!
    Required part of your trip

  • Oct. 19, 2024 Return evening

    Keep this date free in your agenda all day long!


We think strong teams are important. And having travel companions who live near you makes it easier.
Therefore, we do not promote all trips equally in all regions. We promote this trip particularly in the Dutch provinces of South Holland, North Brabant and Limburg and in the Flemish provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and Flemish Brabant.
Still want to go but you live in another region? No problem. Anyone can sign up for this trip.

Price and transportation

The earlier you book, the more advantageous.
As prices for renting suitable accommodations rise during the season, so do prices for participants.
On December 1, March 1 and June 1, prices go up by about 40 euro each time.
The price includes accommodation, flight, food, evangelism materials, bedding, local transportation, insurance and booking fees.

Price supplement on flight.
The flight is included in the price and will be purchased by Beach Mission when there are enough (6 or more) participants.
If the price of the flight is more than € 100 more expensive than budgeted, we will charge a price supplement of up to € 100 afterwards.
When the price of the flight is more than € 100 cheaper than budgeted, there is also a refund.

Beach Mission believes that missions are a task to the church. Therefore, do not be reluctant to ask (people in) your church to support your Beach Mission mission trip in prayer and funding.
Beach Mission has a crowdfunding campaign on the crowdfunding platform Supp.to. After registering, you can add a personal page here and people can make a donation specifically for your participation.

Transportation is by plane from one of the airports in the Netherlands or Belgium. Arriving on Mallorca, a transfer is arranged for transportation to the accommodation.

Family or other/no transportation
If you would like to come with your family or if you do not need transportation, please contact us for a quote and options.

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