In this document you will find a brief overview of the work Beach Mission Foundation is doing, the way in which they raise funds, manage their assets, and spend their assets.

Policy Plan

1. Objective of the Foundation

1.1 Mission, Vision and objective

Beach Mission seeks to bring young people in holiday areas into contact with Jesus in a personal and life-changing way.

Aim for the 7th year (2021)
We hope to have 7 mission trips by then to 7 popular beach locations with participants from 7 countries and from at least 7 church denominations.

1.2 Approach

The approach during these mission trips is that the volunteers (participants) get into contact with the young people in the party zones in the evenings and at night, and for them to have one-on-one conversations with them during which they share the Gospel and pray with the young people. In longer conversations young people also are invited for a free buffet. This buffet is organized in the shared accommodation where the participants stay during the mission trip. The buffet starts with sports. During the buffet there is live music, one of the participants shares his or her ‘life-story’, and a representative from a local church invites the young people for a church service the next Sunday. At the end of the buffet we take a survey to find out whether the young people may be contacted by a local church in the area where they live.

2. Finances

2.1 Advance costs and costs per participant

The accommodations where the participants will be staying are booked a year in advance. Down payments need to be made at that time, with the remaining rental price to be paid upon arrival. If realizing our objective the costs will increase every year:

Minimal reserve
Beach Mission
Potentially covered by guarantee Maximum reserve
Beach Mission
Year Number of Accommodations Down Payment Accommodations Payments upon Arrival Total Rental Price Accommodations
2015 1 € 1.100 € 3.200 € 4.300
2016 2 € 2.500 € 6.500 € 9.000
2017 3 € 3.750 € 9.750 € 13.500
2018 4 € 5.000 € 13.000 € 18.000
2019 5 € 6.250 € 16.250 € 22.500
2020 6 € 7.500 € 19.500 € 27.000
2021 7 € 8.750 € 22.750 € 31.500

Table 1 Budget incl. 2021 of the down payment, payment upon arrival and total rental price of accommodations.

If possible, participants pay for the costs of the mission trips themselves. The down payments done in September therefore are advance costs. In the period September thru July the payments from the participants are received, so if there are sufficient participants there will be sufficient funds after the mission trips to be able to book the accommodation in September. The minimal reserve Beach Mission wants to maintain is in the amount of the down payment costs of the accommodations. This way there will be sufficient funds in September to make the down payments for the next year, even in case there were insufficient participants in the summer beforehand to be able to make the down payments for the next year. The maximum reserve Beach Mission wants to maintain is the amount of the complete rent of the accommodations. In case of difference in the actual reserve and the amount of the maximum reserve it potentially can be covered by a guarantee. The cost per participant is budgeted beforehand and is based on an occupancy of 75%. That amount not only consists of accommodation costs, but also of travel expenses, food, and evangelism materials. These costs are more or less variable, so no reserve needs to be kept for those.

2.2 Salaried employment

Income and expenses of the travel and the salaried employees will be separated from 1 January 2019 by means of 2 bank accounts. Employees are only hired when there are recurring donations against the wage costs. We strive to maintain a reserve of 3 months labor costs as a reserve.

2.3 Means of raising funds

2.3.1 By own contribution of participants

If possible, participants pay the costs of the mission trips themselves. In individual cases, the management may decide to search together with the participant for sponsors to raise the amount that can not be raised by the participant.

2.3.2 By gifts from third parties

For the general costs, for the advance costs of the accommodations, and for the individual cases of participants who cannot afford the cost of their trip, we approach (partner) churches, denominations, private persons, and business. Incidentally or periodically they donate an amount/gift. Explicitly there is no minimum amount. The gift can be generated by a sponsor letter or other sponsor campaigns initiated by the participants or by Beach Mission.

2.4 Management and use of Beach Mission assets

We strive to keep expenses for our own organization as low as possible. Annual expenses are budgeted to € 2,500.00. These are for accountancy costs, website costs, telephone, internet, and management costs. An amount of € 2,500.00 per year is set for promotional expenses. Members of the board and supervisory board receive only a remuneration for expenses incurred. The board members of Beach Mission are not salaried employees, but serve as volunteers and are not being paid for their services. They are able to claim expenses occurred. These remunerations included and detailed in the annual accounts. Any interest accrued also goes toward Beach Mission. Beach Mission has the Dutch ANBI (tax-exempt) status.

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