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Pray for us!

Almost each day during the mission trips we send out a prayer letter because we believe and experience that God moves in response to our prayer; we believe that there is a change in the spiritual realm, that God will lead us in what to say and what to do, that God will offer protection and that He teaches us to see people around us in a different way.

In these prayer letters you can read how the trips go; we will also send photos and videos and concrete prayer points are listed with things to pray for, such as specific situations, for people whom we talked to, and for the participants.

Prayer letter

Receive almost daily a prayer letter during the mission trips.

Beach Mission is careful with your data.
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Become volunteer!

Beach Mission is always looking for volunteers, both during the trips as well as during the preparation for the trips.

At the office or from your home:


For our website and communication we are looking for a volunteer who is willing to regularly translate information from Dutch to German, French, Catalonian and Italian.

The website in its current form has about 15,000 words. In addition to that, we expect to have about 2,000 words worth of translation work each month.

Other possibilities

Other possibilities
You can work (out of your house) to make preparations for this trip spiritually, practically and financially. Contact us when you are interested in the possibilities.

During a trip:

Tour leader

As tour leader you are the source of information for participants to the mission trip. This means that you coach the participants, also in their specific task: meeting them at the bus, giving information when welcoming them, lead daily team meetings, communicate time schedule and check this, and be contact person for participants, bus leaders, job leaders and management.

You will understand this requires a lot of you: being able to work very independently, being led by the Holy Spirit, being able to handle spiritual opposition, understanding the languages of the participants, able to deal with people very well, make them enthused but sometimes also confront and correct them. For a certain extent, you ‘make’ the trip for the participants.

Group leader

The participants of the mission trip are divided in 4 smaller groups: 3 groups of evangelists and one group for people lending practical support. These groups each have their own program, sometimes together with one group, sometimes together with another group, sometimes alone. These groups have a group leader. During the trip you reflects back on each day and the group leaders discuss together if decisions need to be made.

Senior editor

We make a schedule of who writes the prayer letter when (the editor). The editor gets his/her information from the participants, e.g. prayer points. The editor passes the text (including photos) to you. You correct the text and pass it on to the translator. The translator also passes the test on to you.

The senior editor takes care of the newsletter. You specifically make sure:

  • That the newsletter is ready on time (if need be, you remind the editor)
  • That the questions are being answered.
  • You check the text for spelling, grammar, and style (style: e.g. that not all sentences are constructed the same way).
    • You make sure the mails give a good overview of what we are doing. When some participants pray a lot for people and others have a lot of discussions, you need to make sure both aspects are clearly communicated.
    • Give a good idea of how people experience it. For instance, maybe one person writes often that he finds it very difficult. But if he is the only one, the readers need to understand that.
    • Follow up when a prayer request has become a praise. Or when it still is a prayer request.
  • You put the text in Mailchimp, take care of the layout and send the mail.

Registrated Charity

Beach Mission has been a non-profit foundation since May 20, 2015. The Dutch tax service confirmed that gifts are tax-deductible (ANBI status). Gifts for Beach Mission are tax-deductible from across the EU.

Remuneration board members

As per ANBI law, board members only receive reimbursement for expenses. The board members of Beach Mission are not paid employees, but have a volunteer contract with Beach Mission; they do not get paid for their services. They can claim expenses they occurred. These payments are shown in the annual financial overview and explained there.

Support for Dirk-Jan via ‘Stichting Werkers in de Wijngaard.’

Dirk-Jan works two days per week for Beach Mission as a volunteer. The income Dirk-Jan needs comes from gifts. If you want to support him in his work, you can send a donation to bank account NL17RABO0301880433 of Stichting Werkers in de Wijngaard. More info at


Bring all youths who are vacationing in Europe in contact with Jesus.

Aim for 2015
7-day mission trip to Lloret de Mar with 15-25 participants.

Aim for 2016
Two 10-day mission trips; one to Lloret de Mar and one to Blanes. Both with 15-25 participants.

Aim for 2017
We organise 5 mission trips to 3 popular destinations; tow to Lloret dde Mar, two to Salou, one to Blanes. All with 10-25 participants.

Aim for the 7th year
We hope to have 7 mission trips by then to 7 popular beach locations with participants from 7 countries and from at least 7 church denominations.


Would you like to inform people of your organization, church or group, and stimulate them to participate in a mission trip? That is possible!
We would be happy to come by for a speaking engagement, evening program or short promotional talk.
We can also supply a poster, copy for a publication, movie clip, or powerpoint presentation.
Contact us for more information.

Organise a trip for your own group

Would you like to take a mission trip with your own group? That is possible! We would be happy to facilitate this for you with all ins and outs of the places that Beach Mission knows, the local contacts, background information, but also practically, with bags full of evangelistic materials, with T-shirts, etc.

Contact us for more information.