Pray for us!

During the evangelization trips, we send a prayer letter almost daily because we believe and experience that God moves in response to our prayer; that a change takes place in the spiritual realm, that God leads us in what to say and do, that God offers protection and teaches us to look at people around us in a different way.

In these prayer letters you can read how the trips are going, photos and videos will be sent along with them, and there will be a concrete list of things you can pray for, such as for specific situations, for people whom we have spoken and for the participants.

News and prayer letter

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Beach Mission’s work is made possible by your donations.
We maintain minimal reserves and would like to make an appeal to donors especially in case of additional or unforeseen expenses or disappointing results.

Destination of gifts

In principle, it is the intention that the cost of this accommodation will be raised by participants. Practice shows that most evangelists only decide on their vacation in March. Unfortunately, suitable accommodations are then no longer available. We therefore very much welcome people who would like to donate so that we can book the accommodation this year and also in the coming years.

People who would like to join, but are not able to (fully) pay for the costs, we would like to engage in conversation to look for a solution. This solution will consist of their own contribution (whether or not by sponsors raised by the participant himself) and a contribution from Beach Mission.

A donor who provides a “wildcard” makes donation of €600 euros. This amount corresponds to the fare of a trip including transportation. We put these donations for participants with small budgets in a separate account so that any remaining amount is also reserved for this purpose. Smaller contributions are of course also welcome!

As an organization, we take financial risks every time. Even when the minimum reserve is in order, this means that in case of unforeseen costs (such as the deductible you lose in case of damages) and disappointing results (too few participants per trip), we would like to appeal to donors. This allows us to keep the price low for participants.

Additional costs are defined as those that are deliberately chosen and not included in travel budgets:

  • The idea is that this campaign will be organized annually and the vision is to organize mission trips to the most popular party holiday destinations in Europe in a few years with participants from several countries. This involves establishment and office expenses.
  • For additional events (such as ‘The God Story) that we host in popular youth destinations that in order to bring young people into connection with Jesus

Donations to Beach Mission are tax-deductible from across EU.

The Court of Justice ruled on Jan. 27, 2009, that the tax deductibility of donations to charitable institutions must not be restricted to bodies established in the national territory.

Link to judgement European Court of Justice


Beach Mission has been a foundation since May 20, 2015. On Oct. 8, 2015, the ‘belastingdienst’ confirmed the ANBI status.

Remuneration board members

As per ANBI law, directors receive only reimbursement for expenses. Beach Mission’s board members are not paid employees, but rather volunteer with Beach Mission and do not get paid for their services. However, they can claim expenses incurred. These payments are shown in the annual financial overview and explained there.

Support Dirk-Jan via ‘Stichting Werkers in de Wijngaard’.

Chairman Dirk-Jan Boerman volunteers for Beach Mission. The income Dirk-Jan needs comes from gifts. If you would like to support him in his work, please transfer a donation to account NL17RABO0301880433 of Stichting Werkers in de Wijngaard. Learn more at



  1. To bring all young people on (party) vacation in Europe into contact with Jesus Christ and make them His disciples.
  2. Making a positive impact on nightlife by (1) showing the love and power of God and (2) establishing a culture of safety, trust, connection and freedom born from individual and mutual connection to God and each other.

Aims Netherlands and Flanders
Our aim is to grow the number of evangelization trips from 6 regions (in the Netherlands and Flanders together). From about 1 trip per region in 2022, to 7 trips per region in 2028. The number of destinations does increase somewhat, but the focus of the work will be on the 6 most popular destinations.
We also want to make strides in quality by taking a more integrated approach to the mission and equipping participants to do so.

Goals abroad
Our goal is to form some regions outside the Netherlands + Flanders as well.

7-day mission trip to Lloret de Mar with 15-25 participants. Participants from NL.

Two 10-day mission trips; one to Lloret de Mar and one to Blanes. Both with 15-25 participants. Participants from NL, ES.

We orgainse five 10-day mission trips to three destinations; two to Lloret de Mar, two to Salou and one to Blanes. All with 10-25 participants. Participants from NL, ES, BE.

We organise five 8-day mission trips to four destinations; two to Lloret de Mar, one to Salou and one to Blanes and one to Texel. All with 10-30 participants. Participants from NL, ES, BE, DU.

We organize 9 8-day mission trips to five destinations; 4 to Lloret de Mar, 1 to Salou, 1 to Blanes, 2 to Texel and 1 to Sunny Beach. All with 10-25 participants. Participants from NL, ES, BE, DU.

We are organizing 6 8-day mission trips to five destinations; 2 to Lloret de Mar, 1 to Albufeira, 1 to Blanes, 1 to Texel and 1 to Sunny Beach. All with 10-25 participants. Participants from NL, BE, ES, BG, PT.

Organize a trip for your own group

Would you like to go on a mission trip with your own group? That’s possible We would be happy to facilitate you with all the ins and outs of the places where Beach Mission is known, local contacts, background information, but also practically with bags full of evangelistic materials, with T-shirts, etc.

Contact us for more information.

Training evenings

Every 4 weeks Beach Mission in cooperation with a local church organizes an evangelism action in your county. This way you can discover before you leave how beautiful it is to connect people with Jesus in an entertainment area. Of course you are also welcome if you are not participating in a mission trip. The training evening starts with a short introduction, followed by an explanation of how to make contact on the street, how to share the gospel in conversation and give your testimony. We will go to the entertainment area around 9:30 p.m. and be there until 2 a.m. There is often limited space, so please indicate on the Facebook event or call/email or app us that you are coming. If you are looking for a place to sleep, please let us know. When possible, we will share what we experienced in church the day after and/or raise awareness of Beach Mission’s work, such as with an information table.

Become volunteer

Beach Mission is looking for volunteers for:


Would you like to inform and encourage people from your association, church or organization to participate in a mission trip? That’s possible!

We would be happy to come by for a speaking engagement, an evening program or a short promotional talk.
We can also provide a poster, copy for a publication, video or power point presentation.

Contact us for more information.

Become a buddy!

As a buddy, you maintain contact with someone in your own area who wants to learn more about living in connection with God. You help him or her in the first steps of faith such as baptism, being filled with the Holy Spirit and following Jesus in daily life. You read (e.g. using DBS) along with the ‘seeker’ from the Bible and you understand the art of letting people discover things for themselves. The ultimate goal is for “seekers” to become buddies for another person themselves.

Making Disciples

Jesus gave His disciples the command to make other people His disciples. By this He meant that they would bring other people into a process in which they would take a new path and learn under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to think and act in God’s way according to the example Jesus’ Himself had given in such a way that they could too could make others to be disciples.

Become a partner!

It is important to us that local churches and organizations are aware of our activities and where possible we cooperate with them. Partner churches in the Netherlands, Spain and in other European countries support Beach Mission in follow up (finding a buddy for young people who want to learn more about faith), in finding participants, in prayer and financially.