As our core values state, we want to care for those who (want to) enter into a relationship with Jesus. Experience so far shows that it is difficult to discipline for this in the flow of the moment. For that reason, we have formulated our expectation into 7 concrete action items for which we ask your commitment.

Expectations of care for seekers

  1. To invite. Upon good or fun conversation, invite young people to a ‘BBQ Chillout’.
  2. Prayer and Contact Card. If you have a good conversation – and it’s appropriate in that situation – then at the end of the conversation, you offer the young people the opportunity to fill out a “prayer & contact card” on their own. On this card, they can enter a prayer point, as well as contact information and options for follow up.
  3. To thank Thank young people for the conversation by sending a WhatsApp message.
  4. To pray. During your stay, you will pray daily personally and/or with your group for this prayer point.
  5. To connect. If young people indicate on this that they want to be connected to Jesus, you can:
    • expand on this immediately by explaining this and pray for this together with the young person.
    • Making a follow-up appointment during the time you are still there.
    • Offer to take the online course
  6. Discipleship. When young people want to connect with Christians in their area send an email right the next day
    • to the contact person of the partner church in the province where he or she lives. The contact person is going to make sure that contact is made with the young person within a week.
    • Toward the young person: Thank the young person for the conversation and openness.
  7. Alpha Course. When young people want to take an alpha course send an email right the next day
    • to the alpha course in the area where he or she lives. Alpha courses can be found at Fill out the contact form.
    • toward the young person. Thank the young person for the conversation and openness.


  • If you do not wish to send the email via your own phone or email address, you may do so via Beach Mission’s 06 number or email address. The aftercare coordinator has login data for this.
  • The aftercare coordinator takes a picture of the prayer card to ensure and support care. In order to facilitate this it’s convenient if you yourself cc your emails to him/her.
  • On Facebook, you can also invite young people as friends. This also makes it easier to invite young people to the “Beach Mission Friends” group.
  • Handle personal data carefully as described in the privacy statement.