Hi, my name is Simon,

I study in Delft at the moment (Technology and Management), lived in Huizen before this, and am member of C.S.R. Delft, the Christian Student Union.

I’ve been a Christian all my life, really, and I think God has been active all my life to mold me into who I truly am. I got to know the “theoretic God” in church and all kinds of clubs, youth groups, etc. Even then I decided that this God, of Whom I learned He is love, has to become my God.

Yet, when I started studying I learned that God wants to be a Father, not a distant God. Even more so, He has always wanted that. I got to know God as a Person with Whom we can have a relationship.
Finally I realized what it means that Jesus is alive, came to earth for us and paid for everything that stood between God and me!

All of a sudden I started to understand that God asked more of me than my theoretical knowledge about Him, for He has a plan with the life of each person on earth. This plan of God is ingenious. It is incredibly complicated and often I really don’t understand it, but I did come to realize that it works better in each situation than my own plan and so I came to accept that.
I want to encourage you, whether you are a Christian or a non-Christian, to keep following this plan. Even though it is not always clear exactly where this plan leads to, it is fine to slowly make small steps. Each time again it is a choice to make that step, whether it is the thousandth or maybe even the first step with God.

I want to challenge you to (continue) making these steps! God never disappoints!

God’s blessing,