Evangelism is everything for me. I think it is great to be in conversation with people, to hear their stories and to discuss the meaning of life. I hope to inspire and/or to support the young people we talk to in this quest. I also hope to inspire other Christians to be more proactive and to bring people into contact with God.

I am married and we have four young daughters. Yet that did not keep me from travelling to Lloret de Mar, Sunny Beach or Salou. In preperation of this trip we visited local christians, so we can work together to reach the youth.

For 12 years I have been active for ‘Stichting Naar House’ as a volunteer, board member and worker. During the music events (dance, hardstyle, hardcore, house) we had wonderful conversations with the young people, but what bothered me was that those often were only one-
time contacts. I was able to organize and lead evangelism campaigns in Renesse for ‘Naar House’ in order to introduce these young folks to God during their vacations. We saw very beautiful things happening during those weeks, because there was a growth in the relationships. It was so beautiful that groups of young people sometimes came to us, though at first they were hardly interested in God at all and also did not dare to discuss this together. Yet after a conversation they started thinking and talking about it.

I got a Christian upbringing and went to church every week. Young people who go to church just like I do, are no better than the party animals in Lloret de Mar. Just like me you can be physically in church every week, yet not be there. Being always in the McDonald’s does not make you a hamburger
either. I have discovered that when you make a connection in your life with God, be inspired and led by God, it is so liberating. Wanting to get everything out of your life that is in it, is really just like fossil fuel. At a certain point you realize that supplies are not unlimited, and that you really are addicted to it, that you pollute your environment and that it does not get you where you want to go. So switch to Jesus, THE durable energy source for your life, it never runs out. Do not dwell on all investments in the old energy you did in the past, for those are paid back in no time by the energy God gives you! Within the organization my responsibility is the general management. In practice this means that I do the organizing of the trips, the intake interviews with the participants, the website, publicity, planning, supplies, marketing, and the PR.

For more info please visit: www.dirk-janboerman.nl.

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