I was born in South Africa, brought up in the Catholic church, I kinda knew Jesus, especially when I was still really young. But when I moved to Holland at age 12 my faith grew stagnant and “died”. Years went by and my world continued shaking. My parents had a lot of fights and though I didn’t really know how, I used to pray that they would divorce. Though I still went to church every Sunday, I lived a hypocritical life.. partying etc. on Saturday till late, only to get up early the next morning pretending to be awake at church. My life was painfully empty even though I had tried to fill it up with drinking, attention from boys, sport and other achievements.. nothing gave lasting relief or rest.
My older brother left the house and moved to Delft. We never really saw him. Until one day he called my mom up to tell her that he wanted to get baptised, which of course came as a huge shock. But he explained that though he had been baptised in the past as a baby, he now wanted to make his own decision to follow Jesus. So my mom decided that was a valid reason and took my dad and sister with to the baptism. They were so touched at the service, especially my mom, and they came back filled with enthusiasm. They told me that the atmosphere felt electric, there was live music, and that the pastor had prayed for them. So I was jealous and curios. I wanted to feel an electric atmosphere and get prayed for too!
So I decided to go with to the church, hungry for these new experiences. though the atmosphere wasn’t electric the 1st time I stepped into church, I could see the people in church had something I didn’t.. that rest and fulfilment I had tried to find in all my partying and achieving.. so I cried out “Jesus, if it’s you that makes these people different, reveal yourself to me too!”
I got baptised together with my parents and sister about 6 months after my brother. In the coming weeks, months and years he continued healing my heart, I didn’t know how broken it was until I felt what it was to be mended and fulfilled. We continued to seek Him out and He proved Himself in SO many ways. There were many miracles, and crazy prayers that were answered, beyond a doubt I knew that the God who created the universe was, real and alive and living in me. I still continue on the wonderful adventure of knowing Him more each day. The love that He had restored in my heart became an overflowing wellspring and I couldn’t help but overflow and share it as the greatest gift I was ever given.