In daily life I run a business  in glass and window frames. I am married and together we received three daughters. We are members of the Reformed Church in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel  and that is where I got to know Dirk-Jan.
I had a Christian upbringing, which taught me a lot about the Bible, and I am still truly grateful to my parents. In 2013 God changed my life. Now I have a relationship with Him and I try to live based on that. That means I do not do certain things because I would hurt God in those, and other things I specifically do because He asks that of me. You can compare it with the relationship of husband and wife.

In addition to that, I try to treat others the way I would like to be treated myself. God’s love for me, a
human with many faults and mistakes, is my example and my guide. I would like everybody to have a
relationship with God like that, and that is why I do the work for Beach Mission.

In 2014, Dirk-Jan and I got talking about evangelizing during holidays in nightlife areas. This resulted
in us founding the non-profit foundation Beach Mission, in 2015. Christians are a minority in the Netherlands and many young people probably do not even know who God or Jesus is. It is those young people we want to reach and to show them that they also can make a decision for Jesus! The organization organized its first trip to the Spanish beach town of Lloret de Mar in 2015. In the future we hope to organize more and more trips to several popular beach towns abroad.