We believe that together as Christians we may and can mean something in the lives of young people. Alone we cannot do it that is why we feel it is important to work with partner churches and partner organizations.

What do our partners do?

As a partner church or partner organization, we hope you will want to support Beach Mission in at least one of the items below:

  • in aftercare: finding a buddy for young people who want to learn more about faith.
    Our participants interact with young people from all over Europe while on vacation. Our partners help find a buddy in the region where the young person comes from. The buddy guides the young person to become a follower of Jesus.
  • in finding participants.
    Together with our partners, we want to give shape to the command Jesus gave in Matthew chapter 28 line 8. Not only is it a blessing for the young people with whom we speak and pray, but certainly an inspiring experience for the participants as well. Our partners help publicize the trips in their own church or organization so that evangelists and practical workers participate in Beach Mission evangelistic trips.
  • in prayer.
    During trips, a prayer letter is sent daily to supporters.
    Our partners pray with us and receive a prayer letter during the trips.
  • financial
    Evangelization trips cost money. Participants pay a per-person fee for their participation. That money covered about 80% of the travel expenses. Our partners support us with a financial contribution so that we can cover that last 20% as well.
  • organizational (optional).
    In consultation with Beach Mission, partner churches can also organize their own Beach Mission trips, such as for a youth group.

Partners of Beach Mission share our love for (lost) young people and want to bring them to Jesus. The creed and core values describe what we believe and how we want to work.

Of course, for our part, we also want to invest in you as a partner. We would be happy to come and do a speaking engagement, presentation or training in your community.