Wednesday May 20, 2015, the by-laws of ‘Stichting Beach Mission’ were signed. By depositing the by-laws in a notarial deed, the organization was officially founded.



On this day, *, appeared before me, Mr. Marcel Rompes, notary in Nieuwerkerk _____
aan den IJssel, location municipality of Zuidplas:_______________________________

Comparitie: ________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Mr Dirk Johannes
    , residing at 2914 PB Nieuwerkerk aan
    den IJssel, municipality of Zuidplas, Begoniaveld 18, born in Nieuwerkerk __
    aan den IJssel on the sixteenth day of September nineteen hundred seventy-nine, _
    whose identity has been established and verified against identi_
    title card number IKPPDB475, issued in Zuidplas on July three, two____
    one thousand fourteen, married to Ms. Janita van den Heuvel;______________
  2. Mr. Adriaan Mattheus
    , residing at 2914 PA Nieuwerkerk ____
    aan den IJssel, municipality of Zuidplas, Anjerveld 11, born in Rotterdam on _
    August four, nineteen hundred seventy-nine, whose identity is _
    established and verified by passport number ________________
    NXR473999, issued at Zuidplas on the twenty-ninth day of June, two thousand.
    ten, married to Mrs. Maartje Kalkman._____________________________________

Mr. D.J. Boerman and Mr. A.M. Kriger aforementioned, hereinafter also referred to as noe___
men: oprichter._________________________________________________________________________________

capacity of person(s) appearing: __________________________________________________

Where reference is made in this instrument to “person appearing,” _____
thereby designated the relevant appearing person, acting as aforesaid _
reported, unless the contrary is stipulated or appears from the text context. _____________

If any person appearing in this instrument is acting as a written agent__
representative of a party to this instrument, then it shall appear from the deed then annexed to this__
attached private instrument(s) of power of attorney, unless otherwise provided or from
het tekstverband blijkt.________________________________________________________________________

headings/references: __________________________________________________________________________

The headings above provisions in this deed are for readability purposes only __
van de akte.______________________________________________________________________________________

The designation BW refers to the Dutch Civil Code. ___

Article numbers of the BW or other texts placed between [ ] should ______
bad as indicating the source for the relevant provision in the bylaws. _

Verklaringen partij(en): ________________________________________________________

The persons appearing stated: _____________________________________________________

  1. Statutes:________________________________________________________________________________

By this act is hereby established a foundation, for which the following bylaws gel


  1. The headings above provisions in this deed are for readability__ only.
  2. The term “BW” means the Dutch Civil Code___
    book. ________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Article numbers of the BW or other texts placed between [ ] should
    only as an indication of the source for the relevant provision in the sta__
    tutes and thus are not part of the statutes themselves. ___________________________
  4. A singular designation also includes the plural designation
    and vice versa, unless the contrary is shown or expressly intended.________
  5. For a designation in male form, the female form should be _____
    be read when the indicated is feminine and vice versa, unless the _
    appears to the contrary or is expressly intended.________________________________________
  6. Written means by mail, by telefax, by e-mail, or by ___
    any other means of electronic communication by which it is possible to establish a
    send message that is readable and reproducible unless expressly
    anders is vermeld._________________________________________________________________________

NAME AND SEAT _________________________________________________________________________

Artikel 1 _________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The foundation shall bear the name: Beach Mission Foundation.__________________________

In English-speaking countries, it operates under the name Beach Mission ___

In Spanish-speaking countries, it operates under the name Fundación Beach _

In German-speaking countries, it operates under the name Stiftung Beach ____

In French-speaking countries, it operates under the name Beach Mission _____

In Portuguese-speaking countries, it operates under the name Fundação ______
Beach Mission.____________________________________________________________________________

In Italian-speaking countries, it operates under the name Fondazione _____
Beach Mission.____________________________________________________________________________

In Bulgaria, it operates under the name Фондация Beach Mission.__

In Hungarian-speaking countries, it operates under the name Beach Mission

In Greece, it operates under the name Ίδρυμα Beach Mission. __

In Croatia, it operates under the name Zaklade Beach Mission.________

In Turkey, it operates under the name Beach Mission Vakfi.___________

  1. It has its seat in the municipality of Zuidplas._______________________________________

PURPOSE ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Artikel 2 _________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The purpose of the foundation is to exclusively or almost exclusively al____
    aim at common benefit as referred to in Article 5b of the General Law on _
    rijksbelastingen juncto article 1a sub b Uitvoeringsregeling Algemene wet _
    on state taxes 1994 and specifically by:______________________________

the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible
comes to us, among outgoing youth, particularly during their ________

and/or making idealistic distributions and furthermore all that is related to one and an___
der directly or indirectly related or conducive to it ___
be, all in the broadest sense of the word.______________________________________________

  1. The foundation seeks to accomplish its purpose by, among other things, keeping____
    den of evangelization actions as well as channeling, organizing and/or be___
    directing actions and acquiring and making available know-how
    and all other expedient means to the accomplishment of the purpose _____
    kunnen bijdragen._________________________________________________________________________
  2. With the total of its general useful activities, the foundation has ____
    not for profit [Section 1a sub a Implementation Regulation General Law ____
    on state taxes 1994]__________________________________________________________
  3. The foundation has as its foundation the gospel of Jesus Christ as _____
    expressed in the following creed:________________________________________
  4. Faith in one God, eternally consisting of three persons: Father,
    Son and Holy Spirit.____________________________________________________________

We as human beings are made in the image of God, as relational ___
beings. We can connect with each other, reflect on our _
own behavior and, for example, thinking about meaning. Giving relationships
life meaning. We are convinced that our deepest destiny __
lies in the relationship with God. God is Spirit, but also person. He has _
made us as human beings, not to live our own lives, but to ______
To live from the connection with God. In this life, but also in the __
life after this life, in eternity.___________________________________________

  1. The Word of God, as recorded in the Bible, all ca____
    nonic books of the Old and New Testaments, are inspired____
    reigned by the Holy Spirit, infallible in the original ________
    manuscripts and of the highest and only decisive authority in ge___
    loof en leven.________________________________________________________________________

We see the Bible as a love letter from God to us. By the Bible
reading we discover who God is and what He wants to do for us. _

  1. The supreme rule of God the Father in creation______
    ping, providence, revelation and consummation;__________________________

The world and nature on it (creation), came into being because God
spoke. When God made the world, all was well.__________________

Man is the pinnacle of creation. He made man as man
and wife. Sex between a husband and wife is the only form
of sexual relationships that God approves of.______________________________________

God made a visible-but also an invisible-world. The on__
visible world is the world of angels/spirits. Most angels
are subservient to God and to men and reveal themselves to _
people in sporadic cases. Some of the angels -below to___
lining Satan – have become unfaithful to God. After a battle in the __
heaven they have gone out of heaven and now want the power of God on
take over earth and establish their own spiritual kingdom here, _____
also called the realm of darkness. These spirits from this realm __
are also called demons. These spirits are trying to make people
influence and control.___________________________________________________

  1. The all-encompassing and general sinfulness and guilt of the ge___
    fall man, subjecting him to God’s anger and condemnation____

Most people realize that there is more between heaven and earth, ______
but many people have never had a personal experience with _____
God had. The reason is that there is a problem between us
and God. That problem is in our thinking and actions. We can as _
man do many good things, but if you look at the misery in the world
looks, you see that we as humans are unable to be in harmony with the ___
people around us to live. You see this on a large scale, but also in __
our own lives. Even with doing good things, we often have
our own happiness in mind. This problem creates distance between men___
sen among themselves, but also between a human being and our Maker, God.__________

When God made the world, all was well. Man was given the _
accountability around the world. As long as man is connected to God _
was there would be no death and man would live eternally with God._____

With the first people, Satan succeeded in breaking a relationship between ____
between God and man. As a result, there is now much el____
lende in this world. God holds us all personally accountable_
responsible for our mistakes, but also collectively for the misery in the we__
world, because we are no different from other people and evil is also
does seem to have crept into our DNA. God calls this sin and goes ___
deal with this as we do with crime. With good conversation, this can
problem will not be solved. The punishment God is pleased with _____
takes is that is that we die and we die in eternity without _____
Him be. Consequence would be that no human being would be left who would eeu___
wig met leeft.________________________________________________________________________

  1. Our Lord Jesus Christ, God revealed as man, born ___
    from a virgin, His sinless life, His divine miracles, ____
    His vicarious and atoning death, His bodily ____
    resurrection and ascension, His work as Mediator and His ______
    personal return in power and greatness;____________________________

God has come up with an alternative solution! That solution is the ___
sacrifice of an innocent human being. Someone who does not himself the punishment ver_
serves, but wants to take that on for another. God took in Jesus __
assume the stature of a human being. He was truly God and truly _
human. He lived life as God intended. He had the ____
evil not in His DNA. He was innocent, but still allowed himself to be ver___
judge, put to death and came into eternal darkness. So or__
fered Jesus and ended the enmity of God toward us ___

  1. f. Dhe redemption of the sinner through the shed blood of Jesus __
    Christ, God’s Son and His justification by grace, not by
    works but by faith in Him;_______________________________________

Even before we could ask God, God took this step______
dane. It was on His own initiative. Yet God wants us to realize _
That this was also necessary for us personally. In prayer, we can work with _
come to God with our lives and recognize that we are no better people than
others, asking forgiveness for our mistakes (sins), accepting that _
Jesus’ sacrifice was necessary for us and thank him for ___
His sacrifice. As a result, the realm of darkness also loses ____
right to influence and control your life. If you let ________
baptism, you show to the spiritual world around you that your old ___
life is dead, that you rise in a new life and that the realm of the _
darkness no longer has the right to have power over you._________________

  1. The work of God the Holy Spirit, who enlightens the mind, the ___
    rebirth works and dwells in the believer, making them in ___
    is enabled to live a holy life and to witness and ____
    working for the Lord Jesus Christ;________________________________________

As a victim or family of a crime victim happens
it doesn’t just happen that years later you are close friends. By God, this is ___
completely different. He wants to put himself through the Bible la___________________
to know. He, the creator and king of the universe, the highest ___
spiritual power, wants to adopt us as children. He wants a connection __
with us, as close as in a marriage. If you allow that, _
He lead your life through the Holy Spirit. In prayer we can ____
opening hearts to Him, asking Him, through the Holy Spirit in us __
heart and renew us from within, asking Him____
gene to help us follow and obey him, to ask us to __
learn to read and understand from the Bible and place our lives in His Hand.
empty. We may also thank God that we receive strength to be a
child of God.__________________________________________________________

From the relationship with God, God wants our thinking (desires) and our ___
change actions (choices) by the Holy Spirit. Because of this, you are going to __
find yourself less and less important, and God and the people around
you around increasingly important. The more you become connected to God, ____
the freer you become from addictions and the more you want to engage _____
For the people around you. God’s rules that first confronte_____
rend and entrapment were you are going to appreciate and want to comply with._____

  1. The bodily resurrection of the dead; from the faithful to the
    eternal life and of those, who are lost, to judgment;_______

God was content with Jesus’ sacrifice. As a result, we can
now not only restore the relationship with God, but the punishment that ___
hanging over our heads (that we should die and that we should be in the _____
eternity are without Him) taken away. Jesus showed that He _____
mightier than the kingdom of darkness and than death. Also, the re_
lation with God continues once we have died. We are then equal ___
bij Jezus.______________________________________________________________________________
Jesus also gave his followers – and by extension, all believers – the ___
mission to act on that power by healing the sick, people
deliver demons and even raise the dead. For this suggest_
the God spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit available. When __
we work with these gifts this must be balanced with the fruits
of the Spirit. Not everyone with a relationship with God receives (ge______
ly) gifts of the Spirit.__________________________________________________________

All misery in this world will at some point come to an end
coming. That will be when Jesus comes back and all things become new.
No more death, no more sorrow, no more pain and no more trouble!________________

God has done everything possible to prevent us from going to ________
hell go. If we only make the choice to live our own lives,
that is our own choice though. That choice God respects. The sun goes __
on for believers and nonbelievers alike. A relationship with God is a relationship __
Of love, you can’t force that. But it is good to we__
ten that if we choose to live in our lives without God that _
That is also the choice we make for eternity. We choose _
then also for being without all the wonderful things we now have from
God ontvangen._____________________________________________________________________

  1. The priesthood of all believers, who together form the universal _____
    constitute the church, the body of Christ of which He is the _______
    head and who by virtue of His command is bound to spread the gospel in ___
    the whole world._________________________________________________

The reason we connect young people in the vacation areas with Jesus
bring is first of all because our own lives have changed so positively ____
through relationship with Jesus. But it is also because we want to hear ____
give to the last wish / command that Jesus uttered before leaving the
aarde verliet._________________________________________________________________________

Evangelism is working on the spiritual front lines. This goes hand in hand
with spiritual struggles. The kingdom of darkness tries to impact ____
of work by discouraging and mutual _____
verdeeldheid te zaaien.____________________________________________________________

POWER _________________________________________________________________________________

Artikel 3 _________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. VORMING VERMOGEN______________________________________________________________

The assets of the foundation will be formed by:___________________________

– subsidies en donaties;____________________________________________________________________

– gifts, inheritances and bequests;________________________________________________

– all other acquisitions and gains.____________________________________________________

An acceptance of an inheritance should, in principle, be a beneficial acceptance___
thing to be. _____________________________________________________________________________________

If a bequest or gift has a burden attached to it, acceptance _____ is required.
thereof by a two/thirds majority of votes validly cast__

  1. DONATEURS______________________________________________________________________________

The foundation may have donors, for which the following applies. _________________

  1. Donors are those, who have been admitted as such by the board.___________
  2. The board is authorized to terminate the donorship by written notice _
    doen eindigen._____________________________________________________________________________
  3. Donors are required to make annual monetary contributions to the foundation.
    grant, the minimum size of which shall be determined by the board______
  4. Donors shall have no rights and obligations other than those ____
    granted to them by or under the statutes (in a regulation) and raised_
  5. The rights and obligations of donors may be terminated at any time by op___
    termination, provided that upon termination by the _
    donor the annual contribution for the current foundation year for the ge__
    heel verschuldigd blijft._________________________________________________________________
  6. ONAFHANKELIJKHEID INZAKE VERMOGEN______________________________

Neither a natural person nor a legal entity may dispose of the assets of the _
foundation dispose as if it were its own assets [article 1a sub c Uitvoe__
ring regulation General Law on State Taxes 1994].___________________________

  1. HOEVEELHEID VERMOGEN_______________________________________________________

The foundation shall hold no more assets than are reasonably necessary for the
continuity of planned work for the purpose _
of the foundation [article 1b Implementation Regulation General Law on State Beings____
charges 1994] _________________________________________________________________________________

DESTINY _____________________________________________________________________________________

Artikel 4 _________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The board of the foundation shall consist of at least two members, in the case _
    a supervisory board has been established. In the absence of a board of ___
    supervision, the board consists of at least three members.____________________________

When appointing board members, the rules of the tax__ should be followed.
service for public benefit organizations referred to in Article 5b ___
General State Tax Act to be observed. __________

The number of members shall be – subject to the foregoing – by __
adopted unanimously by the board in compliance with the _
provisions of the Implementation Regulation of the General Act on State Taxes. _

For the first time, board members are appointed by this act._______

Not eligible for appointment to the board are persons employed by the _____

If a board has been established, the board has the right by benoe______
ming a director to make a nomination, which nomination does not ____
bindend is.__________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The board (except the first board, whose members are in
    position are appointed) shall elect from among its members a chairman, a secretary__
    ris and a treasurer. One board member may hold two positions. ___

The board may also grant a director another title. ________________

  1. Board members are appointed for an indefinite term. By way of derogation
    may also provide at the time of appointment that a director for a be_
    period, which shall then be clearly recorded in the minutes _____
    should be established. ___________________________________________________________

The director appointed for a fixed term is immediately __
reappointable. ___________________________________________________________________________

In the event of one (or more) vacancy(s) on the board, the _____
remaining board members by unanimous vote (or will be the only _______
remaining board member) within two months of the occurrence of the ___
vacancy(s) filled by the appointment of one (or more) successor____

The board may appoint in advance successor director(s) and de__
they appointment at any time or change it. ________________________________

  1. Should(s) on the board for any reason one or more members ont___
    break, then the remaining board members, or the only ____ constitutes
    remaining board member nevertheless a legitimate board, provided _
    That not one (1) director has sole control over the assets of the foundation ____
    mag beschikken.___________________________________________________________________________
  2. Cannot be appointed as a director:_____________________________________
  3. a director dismissed by the court and during the be___
    striking period of five (5) years referred to in Article 2:298 Citizen__ .
    lijk Wetboek;_________________________________________________________________________
  4. A person who is irrevocably _ in the previous four calendar years.
    Convicted of inciting hatred, violence or use of force
    [artikel 5b-8 Algemene wet inzake rijksbelastingen 1994];________________
  5. a person convicted of violence, sexual abuse or possession __
    van kinderporno.____________________________________________________________________
  6. The board members may, in respect of the work they perform for the foundation_____
    directed work do not receive any remuneration other than compensation_____
    thing for expenses incurred and an attendance fee that is not excessive, one and __
    other as referred to in article 1a sub e Implementation Regulation General Law ____
    on State Taxes 1994 or its superseding regulation.


Artikel 5 _________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Board meetings are held at the registered office_____
    place of the foundation or at a location determined by the board._
  2. At least two meetings shall be held each calendar year.________
  3. Meetings will further be held whenever the ____
    chairman deems it desirable or if any of the other members of the board so decides
    a written and precise statement of the issues to be addressed ____
    addressed to the president the request. If the president is to such a __
    request is not complied with to the extent that the meeting may be __
    held within three weeks of the request, the applicant is authorized to make his or her own
    convene a meeting in accordance with the required forma__
  4. Notice of the meeting is given – subject to paragraph 3 be______
    determined – by the president, at least seven days in advance, the day of the ___
    not including the convocation and that of the meeting, by means of aan__
    signed convocation letters. _________________________________________________________

Letters of convocation may incidentally be sent by e-mail or fax___

  1. In addition to stating the place and time of the meeting, the notices of the meeting shall also specify the time and place of the meeting.
    dering, the topics to be covered.______________________________________________
  2. As long as at a board meeting all board members in office ______
    are present, valid resolutions may be taken on all matters submitted to the
    issues raised, provided unanimously, even if the ___
    given by the statutes -rules for calling and holding _
    meetings not observed._________________________________________________
  3. Meetings are conducted by the chairman of the board; at ____
    his absence, the meeting itself shall appoint its chairman.______________
  4. Minutes of the proceedings of the meetings shall be kept by _
    the secretary or by one of the other persons present, by the chairman for that purpose
    invoked. ________________________________________________________________________________

The minutes are adopted and signed by those, who in the meeting
dering have served as president and secretary.____________________________

  1. a. The board may, to the extent not otherwise provided in these bylaws, in
    meeting take valid decisions only if the majority
    its members in office present or represented at the meeting_____
    word. Is this majority not present or represented,
    then a new meeting shall be called, to be held within _
    one month after the first, but not earlier than fifteen days thereafter, ___
    in which regardless of the board members then represented or present__
    den, decisions may be taken by a majority of _
    de uitgebrachte stemmen._________________________________________________________
  2. A board member may be joined at the meeting by a fellow board member la__
    ten represent upon presentation of a written, on-the-record copy_____
    judgment of the chairman of the meeting sufficient, power of attorney. A
    board member may thereby serve as a trustee for only one fellow board member______
    machtigde optreden.________________________________________________________________
  3. The board may also take decisions outside of a meeting, provided that all be________
    steering members have been given the opportunity to write, telegraph, by te___
    lex, by e-mail or by telefax to express their views. From one thus taken _
    Decision, while enclosing the responses received, is adopted by the se__
    cretary prepared a report, which after being countersigned by the chair_
    ter attached to the minutes._____________________________________________________
  4. Each board member is entitled to cast one vote._____________

To the extent these bylaws do not provide for another majority, __
all board decisions taken by an absolute majority of the valid ____
uitgebrachte stemmen.___________________________________________________________________

  1. All voting at the meeting shall be oral, unless the chair__
    ter deems a written vote desirable or one of those entitled to vote ___
    requires this for the vote.________________________________________________________

Written voting shall be by unsigned, sealed ballot.__________

  1. Blank votes shall be considered not cast.______________
  2. The judgment of the president expressed at the meeting regarding the __
    result of a vote is decisive. The same applies to the content of
    a proposal not in writing. Immediately after being out______
    speak of the chairman’s judgment disputing its accuracy, then
    A new vote will take place if the majority of the meeting
    or, if the original vote was not taken by roll call or in writing____
    occurred, a voting attendee so requires. Through this new _
    vote nullifies the legal effect of the original vote.___

BOARD AUTHORITY AND DUTIES_________________________________________

Artikel 6 _________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The board is charged with governing the foundation. Each driver ____
    bears responsibility for the general running of [artikel 2:9 BW]._________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. The board may, until revoked or modified, delegate duties and powers
    delegate to an executive board and/or one or more board members. The __
    Board shall then, as appropriate, make this delegation of duties and powers as well as the _
    modus operandi of the (executive) board and/or relevant director(s) __
    further in regulations and may at any time amend these regulations.
    gen of intrekken.__________________________________________________________________________
  3. The board is authorized to decide to enter into agreements ___
    To acquire, dispose of and encumber registered property.____________
  4. The board is not authorized to decide to enter into agreement___
    sts, in which the foundation stands as guarantor or joint and several co-debtor__
    binds, warrants for a third party, or provides security for ___
    commits a debt of another.___________________________________________________
  5. The board is authorized under its responsibility certain subde_
    len of its task to be carried out by committees (working groups) where___
    of members are appointed and removed by the board. ________________

The board may further _
set forth in regulations and amend these regulations at any time or in____

REPRESENTATION ___________________________________________________________

Artikel 7 _________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The board represents the foundation._________________________________________
  2. The power of representation is also vested in the president to__
    together with the secretary or the president together with the treasurer __
    and, in their absence or inability to act, their appointed for this purpose by the board from among its mid___
    den aangewezen plaatsvervanger._____________________________________________________

Absence means death/death, resignation
and termination/submission function. ____________________________________________________

Inability means, among other things, temporary inability to _
exercise: _________________________________________________________________________________

idoor schorsing;______________________________________________________________________

iid due to prolonged inability to participate in board decision-making, ___
including: ___________________________________________________________________________

-unable to participate in board decision-making for more than one month due to illness
kunnen deelnemen;____________________________________________________________

-stay abroad for more than one month as no con__
tact is possible through common means of communication; and/or____________

-missing more than one month. ________________________________________

Even in the case of a conflict of interest, the director in question is represented__
gation authority. This driver shall, prior to performing the betreffen_
the legal act the other members of the organs of the foundation on the
to notify his conflict of interest [Article 2:8 BW, WPNR ____

  1. The board may grant power of attorney to one or more board members, as well as _
    to third parties, to verte___ the foundation within the limits of that power of attorney.
  2. The board may appoint, suspend and remove one or more directors, __
    To which directors tasks can be delegated and power of attorney can be
    worden verleend._________________________________________________________________________

The duties and power of attorney may be changed at any time by the board_

This shall be set forth at the time of appointment in the appropriate labor
agreement or management regulations.___________________________________________

END OF BOARD MEMBERSHIP _____________________________________________

Artikel 8 _________________________________________________________________________________________

Het bestuurslidmaatschap eindigt:__________________________________________________________

– by death of a board member-natural person,__________________________

– by dissolution of a board member-legal entity,______________________________

– bij zijn/haar faillissement,_______________________________________________________________

– grant of suspension of payments and/or receivership,_____________

– upon written resignation (thanks),_________________________________________

– As for the director appointed for a term: the leave_
pen of the relevant term without his/her subsequent rebe_____

– upon dismissal under Article 298 Book 2 of the Civil Code;___

– if the director in question is subject to a management ban ____
wordt; ______________________________________________________________________________________

– upon final conviction for incitement to hatred, violence or ge___
bruik van geweld;_________________________________________________________________________

– the board member may further at any time by a majority of ____________
two/thirds of the valid votes cast by the other in office __
being members of the board shall be dismissed, but not until the be_
affected board member was given the opportunity to recuse himself in an ordinary be___
steering meeting to justify and defend and there are at least two
board members vote to resign; _________________________________________________

– upon conviction or having been convicted of violence, sexual abuse or the
bezit van kinderporno.___________________________________________________________________

THE SUPERVISORY BOARD_____________________________________________________________

Artikel 9 _________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Task_________________________________________________________________________________________

The foundation may establish a Supervisory Board, whereby for the first time __
members of the Supervisory Board are appointed by the Board. The Council
Oversight can self-dissolve. ______________________________________________________

The Supervisory Board oversees the general affairs of ____
foundation and the policies of the board. He further exercises those duties and powers_
execute the acts assigned and granted to him in these bylaws._________________

  1. Number_______________________________________________________________________________________

The number of members of the Supervisory Board shall be determined by the Board of
Supervision and shall be not less than three and not more than five natural persons.___

  1. Appointment and resignation, roster_________________________________________________________

Members of the Supervisory Board are appointed and removed by the ____
Board of Trustees. Vacancies should be filled as soon as possible.___

A member of the Supervisory Board cannot also be a member of the Board._______

The Supervisory Board shall appoint from among its members a chairman and a secretary _____

Supervisory Board members serve for a term of four ___ .
years. After four years, they are eligible for reappointment once for a second term _____
of four years provided in another position. __________________________________________________

Using the prescribed term of office, the Supervisory Board shall establish ___
establish a retirement schedule. In doing so, the perio___
diek resignation a balanced functioning of the Supervisory Board in ge____
vaar brings, for which reason the Board of Supervisors on a case-by-case basis the sit___
may extend the term of office of a member of the Supervisory Board by no more than
one year. The latter decision requires the approval of the Supervisory Board _
met drie/vierde meerderheid.________________________________________________________________

  1. End membership ______________________________________________________________________

A member of the Supervisory Board shall cease to hold office:________________________________

– by his resignation at his own request;__________________________________________________

– by his resignation pursuant to the retirement schedule;_______________________

– when he is declared bankrupt, a settlement in the __
under the Debt Rescheduling Arrangement for Natural Persons on him from ____
is declared applicable or he obtains suspension of payments;____________

– by his death, receivership or when over his assets _
or person an administrator or mentor is appointed; ___________________

– by his resignation pursuant to a unanimous resolution of all the remaining members __
of the Supervisory Board; _____________________________________________________________

– by joining as a member of the board;______________________________________________

– After a court conviction for violence and or sexual abuse __
en of kinderporno.________________________________________________________________________

  1. Task execution____________________________________________________________________________

The Board of Supervisors shall be entitled to receive all of the information necessary for the performance of its duties and _
powers necessary data. __________________________________________________

Each member of the Supervisory Board is entitled to any information that this no_
dig has or requests concerning the affairs of the foundation. ___

The Supervisory Board is entitled to inspect all books, records and an_
the foundation’s other data carriers.____________________________________________________

The foundation board is obliged, where necessary on its own initiative and otherwise on _
first request, the aforementioned data, information and access to ____
extend and enable the Supervisory Board and its members to perform their duties on___
belemmerd uit te oefenen.____________________________________________________________________

The Supervisory Board may engage, at the foundation’s expense, in the exercise ____
of his task to be assisted by one or more experts.___________________________

  1. Meeting and decision-making________________________________________________________

The Supervisory Board shall meet as soon as implementation of him in these bylaws __
assigned duties so requires, but at least twice a year and _______
further as often as at least one of its members wishes. ______________________

The preceding articles in which the meeting and decision-making of the
board are regulated, shall, to the extent possible, apply mutatis mutandis to _
de Raad van Toezicht._________________________________________________________________________

  1. Combined meeting___________________________________________________________
  2. Target__________________________________________________________________________________________

In a combined meeting of the Board and Board of Supervisors wor__
den discussed general lines of the policies pursued and to be pursued, as____
also other topics previously raised by any of them ___
gesteld en geagendeerd._________________________________________________________________

  1. Convocation__________________________________________________________________________________

A combined meeting of the Board and Supervisory Board _
shall be held as soon as one of them wishes, but at least once per

The secretary of the board, in consultation with the chairman of the _
Board of Supervisors and any initiator the agenda and convocation
to the members of the Board and the Supervisory Board. _________________________

  1. Presidency____________________________________________________________________________

The combined meeting is conducted by the president of ____
Board of Trustees. In his absence, the board__ present shall provide.
ders and members of the Supervisory Board in conducting the meeting. _
Until then, the meeting shall be led by the oldest ___ in age.
present member of the Supervisory Board.___________________________________________

  1. Financial Statements_________________________________________________________________________________

If a Board of Trustees has been established, the Board of Trustees shall require for the establishment
lation of the financial statements approval of the Supervisory Board. ___________________

The Supervisory Board – if established – may, before approving ____
grant the annual report, conduct its own investigation, or the board
direct that the financial statements or parts thereof be examined by a person appointed by
auditor appointed by the Supervisory Board. This accountant brings from his
investigation report to the Supervisory Board with a statement regarding the
fidelity of the documents presented to him. The board will receive __
a copy. The board is obliged to cooperate fully with _
this investigation and solicited and unsolicited all relevant documents available_____
king te stellen.___________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Discharge (discharge)______________________________________________________________________

If a Board of Trustees is established, the Board of Trustees shall require for the granting___
nding discharge (discharge) approval of the Supervisory Board.______________

  1. Budget___________________________________________________________________________________

If a Board of Trustees is established, the Board of Trustees shall require for the budget___
ting approval of the Board of Supervisors. This budget should have two moon__
den for approval before the beginning of the fiscal year
to the Board of Supervisors;____________________________________________________________________

  1. Statutes amendment/dissolution____________________________________________________________

If a Board of Trustees has been established, the board requires the statu____
amendment or dissolution approval of the Supervisory Board._______________

  1. Appointment and resignation of board members_________________________________________________

If a Supervisory Board is established, the Board members will be__
nominated and dismissed by the Board of Supervisors. The board shall then have the
obligation to inform the Supervisory Board immediately of the occurrence of the vacatu_
re informed.____________________________________________________________________

The Supervisory Board may dismiss a director:___________________________________

  1. In the event of improper administration within the meaning of Articles 2:9 and/or 248 of the Civil Code ____
    Code of the director in question himself;______________________________________
  2. in case of missing for more than three months;_____________________________________________
  3. In the event of permanent incapacity of the director in question, to __
    established by an independent physician;__________________________________________________
  4. on reasonable cause as defined in Section 7:669-3 under a ____
    (business economic circumstances) and b (long-term labor disability________
    schiktheid) Burgerlijk Wetboek;_______________________________________________________
  5. for an urgent reason as referred to in Article 7:678 BW; and/or _________
  6. based on a reasonable cause as defined in Section 7: 669-3(c) to
    and with h BW;______________________________________________________________________________
  7. Remuneration of board members__________________________________________________________________

If a Board of Trustees has been established, the Board of Trustees shall require for the establishment
lation of executive compensation the approval of the Board of ____

  1. Remuneration of Supervisory Board members____________________________________________________

The members of the Supervisory Board may, in respect of the __
foundation performed no remuneration other than a ___
reimbursement for expenses incurred and an attendance fee that is not excessive, a __
and other as referred to in article 1a sub e General Law in___ implementation regulation.
on state taxes 1994 or its replacement regulation.________

  1. Duties and powers of the Supervisory Board__________________________________________

The duties and powers of the Board of Supervisors, to the extent that they have not already been__
mentioned in the above articles, may be specified in the Council’s
of Supervision regulations and may be amended at any time._____________________

Insofar as it is an expansion of duties and powers, it is ge_
jointly established by the Board and the Supervisory Board.___________________

Insofar as it is a division of labor of existing duties and powers, ____
it is established by the Board of Supervisors and amended as necessary. ________

A reduction or modification of existing duties and powers of the __
Board of Supervisors should be established by amendment to the bylaws. ________________

FINANCIAL YEAR AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ___________________________________________________

Artikel 10 ________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The fiscal year of the foundation is equal to the calendar year.____________________
  2. At the end of each fiscal year, the books of the foundation are closed___
    at. From these, a ba____
    lance and a statement of income and expenses for the year ended_____
    made and put on paper, which annual documents within two (2) months after
    be presented to the board at the end of the fiscal year.__________________

The board will have the foundation’s books examined by an external
expert who shall report his findings to the board.___________

  1. The financial statements are adopted by the board after it has taken cognizance
    taken of the report issued by the external expert. The _____
    financial statements shall be signed by the directors and members of the __
    supervisory board if established; lacks the signature one of them,
    then it will be reported with reasons.________________

After the proposal to adopt the financial statements is tabled_____
weest, the board will decide on the proposal to discharge _____
(discharge) the directors for the work done by them in the desbe___
apt year policies and governance.__________________________________________

  1. The foundation must set up its records in accordance with the requirements of the
    tax authorities for charitable institutions as referred to in ar__
    t Article 5b of the General Law on State Taxes.___________________________

RULES _______________________________________________________________________________

Artikel 11 ________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The board is authorized to adopt one or more regulations, in which those
    subjects are regulated, which are not contained in these bylaws.______

In any case, the board shall set forth in regulations:_____________________

-the current policy plan that provides insight into the foundation’s policy to_
target work, the method of acquiring funds, the be__
lord of the foundation’s assets and their expenditure, a _
and referred to in Article 1a of the General Law Implementation Regulations.
on state taxes 1994 or its replacement re___

-the purpose for which the foundation’s assets are held, _
as well as a justification for the size of that asset, a and as _
referred to in article 1b of the Implementation Regulation of the General Law on
State Taxes 1994 or its superseding regulation. ___

  1. A regulation of the foundation may not conflict with the law or these bylaws at ____
    conflict and shall not conflict with applicable criteria ____
    To qualify for recognition by the IRS as
    public benefit corporation.____________________________________________________
  2. The board is authorized at any time to amend the regulations in question
    of op te heffen.____________________________________________________________________________
  3. The decision to adopt, amend and dissolve the relevant re__
    glement must, by way of derogation from the provisions of Article 5, be taken
    by a two/thirds majority at a meeting, at which all board members____
    den present or represented, without the board having any ___
    vacancy exists. __________________________________________________________________________

If all board members are not present or represented, a _
new meeting convened, to be held within one month of the ____
first, but not earlier than fifteen days thereafter, in which regardless of the then _
board members present and/or represented, the board members referred to in this paragraph 4
decisions can be taken with the major____ mentioned in this paragraph 4.
heid of the votes cast, without any vacancy on the board

BYLAWS AMENDMENT _________________________________________________________________

Artikel 12 ________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The board is authorized to amend these bylaws, subject to prior approval by the concerned_
    the inspector regarding classification as an institution as referred to in arti____
    kel 5b paragraph 1a sub 4 of the General Law on State Taxes (or the _____
    substitute scheme and/or tax unit) has been notified of it
    posed if the foundation is ranked as aforementioned._______________

The decision to do so, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 5, must be____
taken by unanimous vote at a meeting at which all be____
steering committee members are present or represented, with no board _
enige vacature bestaat.___________________________________________________________________

If all board members are not present or represented, a _
new meeting convened, to be held within one month of the ____
first, but not earlier than fifteen days thereafter, in which regardless of the then _
board members present and/or represented, the board members referred to in this paragraph 1
decisions may be taken with the major____ listed in this paragraph 1.
heid of the votes cast, without any vacancy on the board

The creed can only be changed with full consent_____
ming of the Board and the Supervisory Board.____________________________________

  1. The amendment must be effected by notarial deed under penalty of nullity.
  2. Members of the board are required to provide an authentic copy of the we_
    zification, as well as the amended bylaws to be filed at the offices of the _
    Commercial Register, kept by the Chamber of Commerce, within whose
    area the foundation has its headquarters.__________________________________________________

DISSOLUTION AND LIQUIDATION _________________________________________________

Artikel 13 ________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. The board is authorized to dissolve the foundation. On the _ to be taken for this purpose
    decision, the provisions of the previous article paragraph 1 shall apply._______________
  2. The foundation shall continue in existence after its dissolution insofar as this leads to veref_
    fening of its assets is necessary.___________________________________________________
  3. Liquidation shall be done by the board._________________________________________
  4. The liquidators shall ensure that of the dissolution of the stich___
    ting entry is made in the register, as referred to in the previous article _
    lid 3._________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. During the liquidation, the provisions of these bylaws will remain as much _
    mogelijk van kracht.______________________________________________________________________
  6. Any surplus balance of the dissolved foundation shall be expended for __
    For the benefit of a public benefit organization with a similar ____
    objective, all referred to in Article 1a (1) (h) of the Uit_
    liner regulation Algemene wet inzake rijksbelastingen._________________________
  7. Upon completion of the liquidation, the books, records and other ge__
    data carriers of the dissolved foundation for seven (7) years be____
    rest under the youngest liquidator.__________________________________________________

raad van advies_______________________________________________________________________

Artikel 14 ________________________________________________________________________________________

The board may establish and dissolve an advisory board, which board of ad__
vies consists of the various (groups) involved in the work of the _____
foundation. _________________________________________________________________________________________

This board may provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the board.______________

Advisory Board members are appointed, suspended and dismissed by
the board. ______________________________________________________________________________________

The manner of the aforementioned establishment, dissolution and operation of the board of ____
opinion and the appointment, suspension, dismissal of its members are included in the re_____
glement determined. _______________________________________________________________________________


Artikel 15________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. To more easily recruit a director for the foundation and _
    retain, to the extent not expressly agreed with the director in question, applies
    otherwise agreed, the following: ________________________________________________
  2. Unless otherwise required by law, board members __
    and reimbursed to former board members: _________________________________________
  3. the reasonable costs of defending against claims______
    ken for an act or omission in the performance of their duties____
    tie or from any other position as a board member that they hold at the request of _____
    fulfill or have fulfilled the foundation; _____________________________________
  4. any damages or fines (traffic fines zoned out______
    derd) owed by them on account of a above under a. far_______
    report acts or omissions; and_____________________________________________________
  5. any settlements they may have with prior written approval______
    take inspection of the foundation in connection with an above as ______
    under a. stated acts or omissions;__________________________________________

all without prejudice to the following.__________________________________

  1. The foundation will include board members and former board members in replenishment____
    ling on the foregoing also reimburse:______________________________________
  2. the wette__ payable on any amount to be reimbursed to a third party.
    lijke rente, ____________________________________________________________________________
  3. the litigation costs which the board member is obligated to pay,__________
  4. fines imposed by authorities (excluding traffic fines), _____
    to the extent that reimbursement thereof is allowed by law, and the with the __
    defense thereunder, provided that such costs _
    reasonably incurred and reasonably related to the ___
    importance of the proceedings;__________________________________________________________

all without prejudice to the following.__________________________________

  1. The foundation will compensate the board member for reasonable and _____
    necessary costs associated with instructing an external
    public relations expert to damage the board member’s reputation
    by litigation, investigation or liability as covered by the_
    them provision, all without prejudice to the following be________
  2. This indemnification, to the extent necessary, also benefits heirs ___
    of board members and former board members, all withoutmin_____
    therd the following._______________________________________________________________
  3. Should the foundation hold the board member or former board member liable
    claim for damages suffered by the association as a result of any han__
    parts or omissions of the board member, then the foundation will also reimburse the
    reasonable costs of conducting the board member’s defense, a ___
    all without prejudice to the following.________________________________________

Following a res judicata ruling in which the claim__
liability of the person concerned to the foundation, the person concerned shall be obliged
to repay the amount so reimbursed by the foundation. Alvo____
rent the foundation proceeds with payment, the foundation may require security _____
in case the individual is found to be liable for reimbursement. ______________

  1. An individual shall not be entitled to the compensation as above in _____
    this article if and to the extent that:____________________________________________

(i) it has been established by a Dutch court by res judicata that the han____
acts or omissions of the individual can be characterized as op____
intentional, knowingly reckless or grossly culpable, unless the law states _____
otherwise results or such in the circumstances to ________
standards of reasonableness and fairness would be unacceptable, ___
of ______________________________________________________________________________________

(ii) the individual’s costs or property loss is covered by __
an insurance policy and the insurer incurs these costs or this asset____
groin has paid out. For the benefit of the affected_____
nen take out liability insurance._______________________

  1. The foregoing shall apply mutatis mutandis to a (former) member of
    the supervisory board. __________________________________________________________________________

FINAL PROVISIONS ______________________________________________________________________

Artikel 16 ________________________________________________________________________________________

In all cases, where neither the law nor these bylaws provide, the
board. __________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. FIRST Board: __________________________________________________________________

To implement the provisions of Article 4(1) and (2), the first be_____
steer hereby appointed, which first board shall consist of:_______________________________

– Mr. D.J. Boerman aforementioned, as chairman/secretary;_____________________

– Mr. A.M. Kriger aforementioned, as treasurer.____________________________

III. ENTRY IN THE TRADE REGISTER___________________________

The board shall ensure immediate initial registration of the foundation
in the Commercial Register, in part to prevent board members from being removed by the de__
break thereof could possibly be personally liable for verbinte___
nissen van de stichting.________________________________________________________________________

Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act __________

(this law hereinafter also referred to as “WWFT”)._____________________________________________

Founder hereby confirms that founder and those close to him are not politically promi____
nent person within the meaning of the WWFT. ______________________________________________

To the extent that founder is a legal entity, founder hereby confirms ____
accuracy of the stated identity of the beneficial owner of

Statements notary law __________________________________________________

The person appearing is known to me, notary, and his identity I, nota___
ris, determined on the basis of aforesaid for that purpose prescribed by law

The appearing person declared before the execution of the deed a con__
cept of the deed, to have received notice of the contents of this __
have taken, be made aware of the consequences arising from the contents of this __
deed arise and therefore have a sufficient understanding of the (asset law__
tial) consequences, as well as with the contents of the deed and limited reading ___
daarvan in te stemmen.________________________________________________________________________

Of which deed in minute has been executed in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
(Municipality of Zuidplas) on the date stated in the head of this deed. _______________

After communicating, inter alia, the business contents of this deed and the toe
explanation thereon to the person appearing, this deed is immediately, after be
pimited reading, signed by the appearing person and me, notary public.